Establishing Parentage In Child Support Claims

Establishing Parentage In Child Support Claims

In circumstances where a parent wishes to claim child support from the child’s other parent, the issue of parentage may arise. This can be a complex legal matter and as such should you either be the parent making the child support claim, or the one the claim for child support is being made against, you should seek the help and advice of a family lawyer.

It has to be said that in the vast majority of cases when a claim for child support is made by one parent against another, there is normally no dispute as to their parentage. Whilst they may not always be happy with the amount that they have been ordered to pay, most at least accept they are responsible for it, given that they know the child is theirs.

However, if there is a dispute, this is normally dealt with by reference to Section 106A or Section 107 of the Child Support Assessment Act of 1989. Specifically, these sections deal with applications made by one parent for the payment of child support and the procedures for the person whom the claim is made against, to dispute it.


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