Make Fireworks

Fireworks are fun to set off, great to look at and an exciting thing to share between friends. However, they are also illegal to the general public in most of Australia. A experienced criminal lawyer throughout Australia regularly deal with fireworks related offences, and you should be aware of the potential penalties and consequences if you decide to dabble in the illegal.

In this article we’ll look closely at some of Australia’s fireworks rules, the penalties associated with firework manufacture or possession, and the exemptions to the general fireworks rules. It’s important to note that fireworks and other explosives offences are taken very seriously in Australia, which means that you should never attempt to get around the rules.

Can I Make Fireworks In Australia?

You’ve probably already understood the answer to this, but the short answer is that no, there are no circumstances that let you make fireworks in Australia without the relevant licensing and safety procedures.

One of the main reasons for this is that fireworks can be extremely dangerous, especially if they’re not made properly. Homemade fireworks and other explosives can cause damage to property and pose a large safety risk, and they should therefore be avoided at all costs.

What Are The Penalties For Illegal Firework Possession/Use?

Fireworks are highly illegal in most states and territories in Australia. The penalties for possession, manufacture or use are significant and should be a good deterrent to people tempted to give them ago.

The penalties vary from state to state, but they are almost always large. For example, in Queensland you face up to 6 months in jail and fines of over $53,000 if you’re caught with or use fireworks without a licence.

However, there is one exemption to the rule.

When Can I Use Fireworks In Australia?

There is only one circumstance that lets you use fireworks in Australia.In the Northern Territory it’s legal to purchase and use fireworks on Territory Day, the 1st of July. A lot of suppliers offer pre-orders, but you can only pick your order up on July 1st. Sales outside this period are strictly forbidden unless you have a fireworks licence, and the penalties are severe.

What Should I Do If I’m Charged With A Fireworks Offence?

As we’ve already said, illegal fireworks possession or use in Australia will attract stiff penalties. If you’ve charged or think that you’re going to be charged with a fireworks related offence, then you should get in touch with your local criminal lawyers office as soon as you can.

They will be able to advise you on your best course of action. If the charges aren’t serious, they might be able to help you argue them in court. Alternatively, they might be able to help you get them downgraded so that they attract lesser penalties.

Final Word

There’s no reason to be charged with fireworks related offences in Australia. Don’t be tempted to use them, because it’s illegal and you will be caught.

If you are caught, your best option is to get in touch with your local criminal lawyer and face the consequences.